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At last: clickable hyperlinks for your PalmPilot

One of the major limitations of the PalmPilot is that there is no communication between applications -- if you write "Call Bob" in the To Do list, there's no way to link that note to Bob's phone number in the Address Book.

Until now, of course...<insert knowing grin>

With HyperHack, you can designate certain regions of text (in any application with an editable text field) to function as clickable hyperlinks, just like this. These links can launch applications, or even jump to specific records or places within a record in another application.

Instructions for use are provided in the .PRC file -- just investigate the help text available from the about box, the configure dialog, and the HyperHack main dialog.

This program is a Hack file, and thus requires HackMaster for use. If you've never played with Hacks before, this could be one of the best reasons ever to start.

Disclaimer and restrictions on distribution: This version is not yet a final release. It is provided here for the benefit of interested bleeding-edge users and testers. I don't know of any bugs that could cause a loss of data, but there are some ones that could cause a soft reset. Therefore, please do not put this version up on PalmPilot software archives, announce it on Usenet, or burn it onto a CD. Thanks.

Known bugs: Attempting to bring up the HyperHack dialog box while already in a modal dialog box may cause a crash. Thus don't type the special HyperHack character while you're in the Find dialog or editing category names, etc.

Attempting to jump to a record that has already been deleted will probably cause a crash. This is going to be fixed very soon but didn't quite make the cut for this particular beta version.

Be a little careful when defining links at the beginning of lines -- you may end up with link tags that span several lines since the default link tag selection scans back until it hits a space.

Known limitations: All of the features that involve managing old links are not yet finished. The "Reuse" button won't do anything, and consequently there is no way to delete or reassign a link short of deleting the entire HyperHack database in the Memory app. However, later links will take precedence over newer ones.

In general, this version should be functional enough to let you explore the possibilities of incorporating hyperlinks into your normal PalmPilot use. Still, it has enough limitations and bugs and quirks to keep it from being a final, registerable product.

I'm sure you just wanna download it at this point. Here it is:
Download HyperHack 0.85b (14K)

Feedback and bug reports are much appreciated, and should be sent to hyperhackbeta-at-daggerware-dot-com.

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